How can I choose the city and the university where I would like to study in Turkey?

When we talk about private universities, the location of the university will determine the place of residence. But when it comes to public universities, of course passing the Yös exam and being accepted in one is the keyword about determining the city of residence Yös exam, which qualifies the student according to his/her marks for the differentiation on the seats reserved for foreigners, vary from university to another and from one field into another. Yös exam of large old universities, located in large cities, it might be acceptable in more than one hundred other universities, while smaller universities exams are accepted in smaller number than that, it may even be dropped into twenty universities or sometimes less. Therefore, selecting the exam of bigger and older universities may create better opportunities for students to be accepted in higher number of universities. As a result of step 1 and step 2 differentiations (the differentiation of seats according to the results of yös exam), it determines the specialization to be studied by the student according to the completion of seats allocated for foreigners. It is a successful experience when the student tries to pass more than one exam in several universities, because the level of difficulty varies from one university into another and also the amount of seats and the number of candidates may affect positively or negatively the opportunities to be accepted, on the other way passing the exam of small universities which are far from the big cities may be better as the number of candidates will be less than bigger and older universities. An important question to ask, is there is a better university than other? We can answer this way: most of the public universities are with a good Turkish, European and global scientifically rankings, this classification is constantly changing according to special internal and external standards. As a result, we do not choose the city, but we try to be accepted in a university, automatically the city where it is located.

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