Masters degree with thesis Vs Masters degree without thesis

Masters degree with thesis Vs Masters degree without thesis
Masters stage is considered within the stages of postgraduate studies in which the student delves into the specialization he chooses, and gets acquainted with its various aspects since its inception and stages of development through study, research and participation in the work of studies. The student must choose desired pathway according to a number of things and characteristics that must be recognized and taken into account, choosing the type of degree that fits with your learning style and your professional goals is essential to help you prepare for your future career.
Masters degree without thesis (Non-thesis):
This course focuses on the student’s attendance of lectures and seminars, participation in them, and exams during the study period. There will be a number of hours approved by the university to study a number of academic courses, and finally to enter the exam. Besides, studying a non-thesis masters includes conducting group projects instead of undertaking individual research, as master's students without a thesis can develop their research skills by participating in these group projects. It is worth noting that a master's student without a thesis cannot continue his academic life and obtain a doctorate degree according to this path.
Masters degree with thesis (Thesis):
This path requires the student to research intensively to do a thesis (intensive scientific research ). Students enrolled in this type of program are expected to develop a research proposal and complete a thesis under the close supervision of a member of the university's faculty who specializes in the student’s field of research. The role of the supervisor or counselor is in helping to choose the appropriate subject for study based on your interests and skills, although the student who studies according to this system has to study some courses and attend lectures, but the number of hours that a student spends in attending the lectures is much less than the hours that non-thesis masters student spends in attending lectures and seminars. The masters thesis track relies on reading, research fundamentals, and analysis of results and data in order to prepare the thesis. The required size of the thesis and the number of pages also vary according to the subject chosen by the student, department and university, and some theses may reach more than 50 pages.
Which path do we choose?
You need to ascertain your career goals and become well acquainted with your skills and preferred study style to find the most appropriate option. For example, a thesis masters system may be suitable for students with curious personalities who like to research and explore a specific topic or field, love to read, demonstrate skills for working independently, and have a desire to apply for a doctorate after obtaining a masters. As for the career path, it is possible that the desired path is related to research in academia. On the other hand, the non-thesis masters track is more suitable for students who enjoy studying coursework and delves into a wide range of subjects by attending and participating in lessons and lectures, and for students who wish to participate in group projects, rather than individual research and writing. They seek to develop their skills for a more professional and practical career, and do not wish to continue their academic journey and obtain a doctorate.
Certainly, before choosing between the two tracks, it is preferable to consult specialists from academic professors or educational advisors to learn more about the difference between a thesis master and a non-thesis master at the university in which the student wishes to register.
Nevertheless, it must be noted that a masters degree with a thesis is not the only path to doctoral studies and academic advancement. There are some exceptions, and you can enroll in many PhD programs after earning a master's degree without a thesis.


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