Study in North Cyprus

Study in Turkish Cyprus

Cyprus is the largest island in the eastern Mediterranean and the third most crowded island in the world, with a population of about 210,000 people. It is a European country divided into two parts, a southern section called the Republic of Cyprus, which capital is Nicosia and it is affiliated with the European Union and recognized globally, and a northern one officially the Turkish Republic of northern cyprus, its capital is Lefkosa (Northern Nicosia),  with limited recognition of the world.
There are many private universities in Turkish Cyprus (more than 20 private universities). They teach in English or Turkish language according to the university.The universities are accredited by the Turkish Higher Education Council, but only some of them are internationally accredited (about 3 universities). The number of foreign students reaches 150 thousand students,with an available services of medical insurance, student housing for male and female and easy transportation.
These universities exceeded the borders of the state itself (being recognized only by Turkey) and succeeded in obtaining an international fellowships and recognitions from  American and German universities and others that went beyond the lack of political recognition of the country . This made the students in these universities from almost all over the world (Europe, Africa, United States, South America, Central Asian countries and India, the number reaches more than one hundred countries), which turned Northern Cyprus into a university country.
Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus universities contain a high level educational cadre and all required academic specializations, that are distinguished with good quality education and follow, in their curricula and teaching methods, the European standarts, based on quality rather than quantity. They also have international excellence certificates from international universities.
 The fees are appropriate, and the criteria for admission is not strict, as they accept any type of high school diploma from any country. Some of these universities require a certain rate of admission based on the English language exams that the university takes before the start of each semester or based on international exams approved in English language proficiency such as TOEFEL, IELTS, SAT.

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