Why us?

Since success is achieved by excellence, being academic, scientific and experienced in the field of education, we provide consultancy in educational sector and its services, providing the required facilities related to it.
  We are distinguished by the finest and best educational services and facilities ... Teaching Turkish language (Arabic and English) and overcoming all obstacles facing Arab school students regarding the school curricula and give all means of support to overcome the most important burdens that parents are struggling with in the first school year. We seek, work and master to facilitate and connect the Turkish language with adults and young people to the goal of social integration ...
 Since specialization is the secret of creativity, teaching language by integrating different types of methods, and through working with a team of distinguished teachers in their fields, qualified by the best institutions (Tömer) of teaching language to foreign students. Applying the alternation between teachers by dividing teaching hours among the only Turkish speaking teachers for practicing conversation and multilingual speaking teachers to connect language grammar smoothly and implement highest level of understanding ... ensuring to bring the perfect harmonious and high level of quality regarding methods of delivering information...
As we strive to make our institution academic services in highest quality and variety, university students have an important share ... through providing the Yös-courses that prepare university students to pass the governmental university admission exam (Yös- exam). Continuous training on the exams deferent aspects; mathematics (Geometry and Algebra), solving problems and IQ questions using the best and latest available curricula

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